A gentle non-invasive healing technique developed in the 1800?s in Japan synthesised by Mikao Usui a devout Buddhist. ? (Reiki is not a form of religion and carries no dogma)

REI-Higher Power? (ray)

KI- Life Force Energy? (kee)

It is effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady it works well with medical and therapeutical techniques. Reiki is administered with clients fully clothed lying down on a massage table, the practitioners hands are laid slightly on or above the clients body (strictly non invasive) energy is channelled through practitioners hands to the client, light tingling or temperature sensations are common during these sessions.

The energy is universal life force and helps to promote the bodies own healing energy, the client will feel relaxed, refreshed and centred.

We recommend at least 3 sessions for clients who have never had reiki before, to gain the full healing potential, there after you may choose to have them whenever you feel the need to
Re-energize or de-stress.
Member of ARC Inc (Australian Reiki Connection Inc)